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Perceptions of cellular agriculture: a New Harvest report

In partnership with the Environmental Law Institute, New Harvest, the non-profit association focused on promoting cellular agriculture, commissioned a study to determine consumer sentiment towards this new field of research. They recently released the results of this study, which includes a written report and a video summarizing the results. Those who are interested in the field should carefully review the full report, as it offers numerous insights into how to best market a cellular agriculture product and gain the trust of consumers. Below is a summary of a few key points:

  • Consumers are most excited about the potential for improved sustainability and ethical treatment of animals in a world that has an increasing appetite for meat.
  • Consumers are most apprehensive about the “non-natural” aspect of cellular agriculture products, and how that affects taste and safety. They are also concerned about the possible societal impacts of these products.
  • Marketing should focus more on providing information both about the methods involved in cellular agriculture and the current methods of producing animal products. Companies should be transparent in order to build trust.

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