Stanford phd candidate Calvin schmidt posts about investing opportunities in synthetic biology. Available for consulting on potential investments in this area.

Calvin Schmidt Synthetic Biology Index: July Update

Performance overview
Value at beginning of month: $160,174.44
Value at end of month: $156,453.21
Month over month change: -2.32%
Total IRR: 33.77%

Related indices, monthly change
NASDAQ: +3.02%
IVV (iShares Core S&P 500): +3.81%
IBB (iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index): +5.09%
MXI (iShares Global Materials): +1.84%
VEGI (iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers): +1.02%
ICLN (iShares Clean Energy): +4.47%

Individual performances


No individual stock stood out with either an exceedingly negative or positive July performance. Most exhibited a small-to-medium loss of 10-20%. The companies that lost value span a range of applications, so there was no specific event that caused all of them to decrease in value. One event that did have an effect on a few companies, including the worst-performing company in July - CRISPR Therapeutics, was a new paper that asserted that CRISPR activity can cause widespread DNA damage in mammalian cells. This serves as a reminder that CRISPR technology is quite new on the scene, we have a lot left to learn about how it works, and companies based around this technology carry extra risk.

Changes made to index


You can view the index here.

Allocation as of July 27, 2018


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