Stanford phd candidate Calvin schmidt posts about investing opportunities in synthetic biology. Available for consulting on potential investments in this area.

Calvin Schmidt Synthetic Biology Index: February Update

Performance overview
Value at beginning of month: $161,832.17
Value at end of month: $151,976.63
Month over month change:-6.09%
Total IRR: 44.61%

Related indices, monthly change
NASDAQ: -2.24%
IVV (iShares Core S&P 500): -4.14%
IBB (iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index): -6.23%
MXI (iShares Global Materials): -4.77%
VEGI (iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers): -3.06%
ICLN (iShares Clean Energy): -1.36%

Individual performances


Most of the index was down as the broader market fell. Therapeutics companies UniQure and Voyager gained as they announced regulatory progress and collaborations. Amyris followed up its strong January by again growing over 10%. BioAmber led in losses, down over 80% on news that they were issuing more shares to fund further activities as well as being delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Changes made to index

Added Sangamo Therapeutics, a zinc finger protein company that just announced a collaboration with Kite for engineered cell therapies.

You can view the index here.

Allocation as of January 26, 2018

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